FAQ – Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I find the right blank quickly and accurately?

For straightforward, reliable identification of a blank, we offer you a variety of tools.

The Börkey catalogues are available as a download or in printed form. Above all the printed version offers – thanks to its true-to-scale depiction of the blanks – particularly good and accurate possibilities for identification. You can find out more about the catalogues here.

The key search engines are an indispensable digital tool and offer you very precise determination of the blank using a number of different parameters. You can find more about the key search engines here.

Where can I purchase the Börkey key cutting machines?

Our key cutting machines are sold and supplied exclusively to specialist dealers.
You can find all the information about our different models here.

For further information regarding the purchase of machines, please get in touch with the Sales team or your Regional representative.

What solutions does Börkey offer in the field of transponder technology?

With the Börkey 217 mini transponder key copying device we offer you a smart solution for cloning/copying car keys with an immobiliser very quickly and easily, while getting good value for money.

You can find all further information here.

How can I obtain the Börkey catalogues?

The latest versions of our catalogues and further information regarding application are available for download here.

For optimum use of our catalogue resource, by means of which you can identify a copy in a jiffy, we are providing an order form for the printed Börkey catalogues here.

Where do I find operating instructions and other documents?

You can find operating instructions, lists of spare parts and lots more in our comprehensive Downloads area.

There you can quickly find the documents you need via a variety of filters and a search function. You can also find all required documents for old machines.

Alternatively you can find the documents pertaining to your machine via the relevant key cutting machine using the Downloads tab.

How can I return a product?

Your satisfaction is our goal! Should you nevertheless happen to have reason for complaint, then you can find a return slip here containing all further information.