History – August Börkey Nachf. GmbH

The history of the company August Börkey Nachf. GmbH goes right back to the 19th century. Here you can read fascinating details about the foundation and development of a traditional company.

Bleichhütte [Bleaching hut] near the Sundern estate

1. January 1851
<b>1851</b><br>Bleichhütte [Bleaching hut] near the Sundern estate
The story of the Börkey family business is based on the Börkey and Hückinghaus families. It began in 1851 when the blacksmith, Karl Börkey, in what was known as the “Bleichhütte”, a small workshop close to the Sundern estate near Gevelsberg, started producing hand-forged keys. For the most part, this undoubtedly took place unobserved. But they were remarkable times back then. Verdi composed the opera Rigoletto, the first world exhibition took place in London’s Crystal Palace, and in America, a decade previously, Linus Yale had already invented the prototype of today’s integrated cylinder, a revolution in lock technology which still has an impact today. Beitrag weiterlesen

The first German key factory

1. January 1899
The fact that the Germany’s first key factory grew out of the small locksmith Börkey was down to August Börkey, one of the two sons of the company’s founder. Around the turn of the century in 1899/1900, the latter had purchased part of today’s site in the Geerstrasse and built a residential house with a workshop. As a result of several tragic circumstances, the Börkey family died out completely in 1918. For a time, the business came to a halt. It was the post-war period, and the situation was chaotic. Beitrag weiterlesen

Karl Hückinghaus and Adolf Krüner

1. January 1918
<b>1918</b><br>Karl Hückinghaus and Adolf Krüner
Then two enthusiastic businessmen purchased the company August Börkey: their names were Carl Hückinghaus and Adolf Krüner. They kept the company name of Börkey and from this point onwards operated under the name of “August Börkey Nachf. [August Börkey successors]”. In 1936, Adolf Krüner left the company. Beitrag weiterlesen

Start of production of cylinder key blanks

1. January 1936
<b>1936</b><br>Start of production of cylinder key blanks
Carl Hückinghaus continued to run the company on his own. The start of production of cylinder key blanks and key cutting machines formed the foundations for the further development of Börkey into a significant company in the industry. The first structural expansions took place, the product range grew and the number of employees, but above all the number of customers at home and abroad, steadily increased. Carl Hückinghaus led the company through the difficult period of the 1930s and the 2nd World War. At no point did operations come to a standstill, and the demand for key blanks and locksmith and key services re-established itself early on after the end of the war in 1945. Beitrag weiterlesen

Successor for Carl Hückinghaus

1. January 1950
But soon Carl Hückinghaus also passed away – in 1950, when he was 59. Shortly before his death he had converted the OHG into a KG, in which his children, Karl Friedrich and Gertrud Hückinghaus, became active limited partners. The general partner, his wife Auguste Hückinghaus, while not officially working for the company, decided on some important matters objectively and prudently, and above all looked after all the employees. Beitrag weiterlesen

Further expansion of the company

1. January 1951
<b>1951</b><br>Further expansion of the company
For just under four decades now, Karl Friedrich Hückinghaus and his sister, Gertrud Zaia (née Hückinghaus), have being successfully working to further expand the company. They continuously drive their father’s work forward. Advanced systems are introduced in production and administration, significant expansions are made to buildings, the number of sales items further increased and the Börkey customer base consistently expanded. Beitrag weiterlesen

1950s – 1980s
High-tech products and further development

1. March 1980
<b>1950s – 1980s</b><br>High-tech products and further development
Karl Friedrich Hückinghaus is very outgoing and also has a wide range of interests. He is popular both in his native town of Gevelsberg and among his business associates across the world. With great dedication, he drives forward the manufacture of high-tech products, because electronics are quickly arriving in the key cutting machines sector too Beitrag weiterlesen

Successor to Karl Friedrich Hückinghaus

1. February 1989
On 19.09.1989 Karl Friedrich Hückinghaus dies, completely unexpectedly, at the age of 64. He leaves behind two sons: Mathias and Stephan Hückinghaus. Gertrud Zaia takes over the running of the firm, which in 1987 had become a limited company (GmbH). Both of her nephews, Mathias and Stephan Hückinghaus – who have degrees in Business Administration – as well as an experienced team of employees are there to assist her. Stephan Hückinghaus had already been working for the company since 1988, as an assistant to the Management. Two months after the death of his father, Mathias Hückinghaus takes over the running of materials management in the company and also become an assistant to the Management. In 1991, Stephan Hückinghaus leaves the company to gain experience in a software company which they have links with, but in1998 he also ceases to be a partner in the company. Beitrag weiterlesen

Mathias and lna Hückinghaus

11. September 2001
<b>2000</b><br>Mathias and lna Hückinghaus
Gertrud Zaia, the then Managing Director and partner of the company August Börkey Nachf. GmbH, took her nephew, business administration graduate and partner Mathias Hückinghaus along with his wife, assessor lna Hückinghaus, on to the Management Board and appointed them as her successors. Beitrag weiterlesen

2001 – 2007
50 years of dedication and energy from Gertrud Zaia

1. January 2005
<b>2001 – 2007</b><br> 50 years of dedication and energy from Gertrud Zaia
Gertrud Zaia is a successful head of the company and applies huge dedication and energy to achieving the company’s goals. In January 2001, it celebrates its 50-year company anniversary. Although she struggles with several health problems from March 2007 onwards, the company’s well-being is her priority. On 30.11.2007 Mrs Gertrud Zaia, née Hückinghaus, dies after a short, serious illness. Beitrag weiterlesen

2007 – today
Company led by Mathias Hückinghaus

11. October 2008
<b>2007 – today</b><br>Company led by Mathias Hückinghaus
On 21.12.2007 her nephew, Dipl.-Bw. Mathias Hückinghaus, is appointed Managing Director. With an experienced team of employees and his wife, he takes the traditional family business forward. Beitrag weiterlesen