Börkey – Us today

Börkey – Us today

We are a medium-sized family business and a leading manufacturer of key blanks and key cutting machines in Germany as well as being the oldest, tried-and-tested partner for locksmith and key cutting services.

For several decades we have maintained successful business partnerships with security businesses, industry and the automotive sector across the globe.

Börkey is primarily about key manufacture and machine construction. As well as both of these traditional standard services we provide, as well as lock cylinders and master key systems, an extensive programme of accessories “Everything to do with locksmith and key cutting services”.

“Motivated und qualified employees have grown up with the business and give the company an independent, strong market position.”

Börkey – Traditional quality since 1851

The high standards that Börkey applies to its products demand, in return, ongoing development at all levels of the company. Motivated and qualified employees have grown up with the business and give the company an independent, strong market position.

With only a few exceptions, the Börkey key range is produced in Gevelsberg. Cylinder keys blanks, in particular, are subject to stringent quality control measures in our company.

Börkey key cutting machines have been in use worldwide for several decades and are well-known for precise workmanship, accuracy, robust handling and their long service life.

Börkey is an advocate of generally applicable security guidelines that do not hinder competition, and for decades it has been monitoring the patent situation – also in the interest of locksmith and key cutting services.

For reasons of general security and legal compliance, we recommend to all locksmith and key cutting services that spare keys be produced true to the original and valid patents respected.

Impressions from the warehouse, production and development

Production at Börkey is a combination of different traditionally handcrafted and high-tech production and measuring methods, and is adapted and optimised on an ongoing basis to meet the demands of the market.

Here you can get an impression of our Production and Manufacturing division.