Lock cylinders and master key systems

Lock cylinders and master key systems

From the simple lock cylinder to a complete, patent-protected master key system – at Börkey you will find the right solution for every size and application.

B1Börkey master key system: One key – all possibilities

The B1 Börkey master key system is your customised solution to systematic security –from gateway to front door, from cellar to attic. Also available as a registered B100 individual lock.

Benefit from tough security features and a high degree of key copy protection. The security card with an individual product code for every master key system guarantees maximum copy protection. The keys are only available via the authorised specialist dealers on presentation of the security card.

  • Security card
  • Patent term until 2025
  • Cylinder to DIN 18 252 / DIN EN 1303
  • 6 pin tumblers (from 30 mm)
  • 5 pin tumblers in the case of short/ or asymmetric cylinders (26.5 mm)
  • 1 housing pin from hardened steel as protection against drilling, 1 SV special pin in the housing
  • Maximum copy protection of keys through pair of protector pins in key and cylinder core
  • Paracentric key profile
  • Special ‘dumbbell’ pins to resist picking
  • Pair of protector pins in key and cylinder core
  • Brass, matt, nickel-plated

Download the flyer for the B1 Börkey master key system. You can find all further products in our Accessories catalogue.